Tasting Notes

Brightwater Gravels PINOT NOIR 2012


The 2010 growing season was cool to start, this natural fruit thinning keeping yields down. Anticyclones hovering over the southern Tasman Sea and central New Zealand brought settled sunny weather with warmer and drier conditions than normal for March and April. This weather, combined with lower yields, meant that gorgeous fruit - free from disease and with intense beautifully ripe flavours was delivered to the winery. No weather pressure meant our vineyard blocks were harvested at our leisure and the mood about the winery was very buoyant!


Processed with minimum crushing of the berries, the musts were held at 10C for a short cold soak period with the aim of extracting fruit characters and colour from the skins. Fermentation was then carried out with Burgundian yeast strains, in a mix of standard tanks and Ganimede tanks. The Ganimede tanks are closed fermenters, which use trapped carbon dioxide to 'wet the cap' of the fermenting must. We have found this to be a very gentle way of extracting tannins and colour from the skins, while preserving the fruit flavours. Once dry, the wine was pressed off its skins, and after a short settling time, racked off its gross yeast lees to undergo malolactic fermentation and oak maturation.

Technical data

Alcohol: 13.8%
Residual sugar: 2.7g/L
pH: 3.7
Titratable acidity: 5.85g/L

Tasting notes

Red summer fruits, cherries, and sweet spice combine with softly smoky oak in this succulent, approachable wine. Gentle oak tannins and the tasty fruit flavours result in a smooth mouth-filling wine with good length and a softly-warming spicy finish. A perfect accompaniment to red meat, game dishes and particularly mushroom-based sauces.

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